How a Water Ionizer Protects You from Toxins

Alkaline mineral water from a water ionizer is good for your health because it contains healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium. But alkaline water from a water ionizer is also good for your health because of what it doesn’t contain – toxins like mercury and lead. Water ionizers naturally reject toxins like these because of the process – electrodialysis – that they use to make alkaline mineral water.

The electrodialytic process used by a water ionizer separates tap water into two halves: Alkaline and acidic. to do this, a water ionizer uses charged platinum/titanium plates that are separated by a special membrane called an ion-exchange membrane. The membrane allows ion – charged particles – to pass through, but does not allow non-charged atoms or molecules to pass through. Because of the electrodialytic process, a water ionizer discharges two streams of water, one is alkaline, the other acidic.

Electrodialysis – How a water ionizer works

A daily intake of 1.5 litres of mineral water.

Beneficial minerals come out one side, toxins come out the other side

The mineral carbonate compounds (e.g. calcium carbonate) found in tap water are ions. They balance each other out in water. Minerals like calcium have a positive charge, carbonates (dissolved CO2) have a negative charge. When separated by a water ionizer the minerals and the carbonates are able to pass through the ionizers membrane as charged particles – ions.

The alkaline minerals you need every day for health have one thing in common, they all have a positive atomic charge. Because of this, they are attracted to the negatively charged plates in a water ionizer. Carbonate has a negative atomic charge, so it is attracted to the positively charged plates in the ionizer.

Research Shows

Alkaline Water May Protect Against the Toxic Effects of Mercury

Alkaline Water

Another benefit of drinking alkaline water from a water ionizer is that it may prevent your body from absorbing toxins. Research conducted in Sweden shows that women who drank alkaline water absorbed significantly lower levels of toxins than women who drank acidic water. This led the researchers to conclude: “Alkaline water may protect against the toxic effects of mercury”.

Water ionizers are a better way to get your drinking water, and alkaline water from a water ionizer tastes great. In fact, our Ionizers will make your tap water taste better than the water you’re drinking now. Your water will be purified, it’s pH will be raised to ideal levels for health, and it will taste amazing.